Wood DIY Egg Kit (6 eggs, 2 paint brush and sandpaper)

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The 6 Wooden Egg Easter Kit includes six wooden eggs and all that you need to for a perfect Easter craft.

Includes: Six blank wooden eggs (two each of three different woods), Size 6.5 cm, 1 round paint brush, 1 flat brush, 6 paint colors, 1 pod of top coat, and sandpaper.

For ages 3+

Goose Grease dolls are unique hand-crafted products, made to last a lifetime. Goose Grease dolls are made from a native Colombian variety of wood called ‘urapan’. They use sustainably harvested wood and also commit to 2 trees planted for every 1 tree used. Helver, the master carpenter, naturally dries the wood, which is then cut into blocks that fit into the lathe. Each doll is carefully hand-chiseled on an electric lathe in a small carpentry shop in Bogotá, Colombia. Because the dolls are hand-chiseled, each is unique. The dolls are then shipped to New York where their artisans hand-paint each piece. Goose Grease employs non-toxic water-based paints. Goose Grease uses Americana paints that are made in the USA by DecoArt. They make custom strands for Goose Grease kits and all their paint is AP Standard non-toxic. AP seal is marked in the bottles. For top coat, AP Standard ModPodge is used (water-based/non-toxic glue and sealer). Goose Grease operates with a transparent manufacturing chain from start to finish, no invisible intermediaries involved. Goose Grease relationships with their artisans is very personal and highly valued.

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