Inspiration behind the name
Fire the Imagination
Illustrated by Emily Tucker
6 years of age

More than 15 years ago when we pulled out of the driveway with three young children, three buckets of books and toys, and two Jim Weiss CDs; the beginning of a long road trip. How we have grown since that September!

The CDs were borrowed on a whim from the Guelph Public Library. Accustomed to long drives, we felt ready. But this man, Jim Weiss, was an unexpected blessing. With his amazing gift for storytelling, Jim brought fun and quiet, laughter, wonder...I don't know how many times we heard The Three Musketeers or Arabian Nights but I vividly recall never tiring of his voices. And by the time we got home we knew more families had to hear Jim Weiss.

Fire the Imagination was born from a wish to provide our young family with exceptional entertainment. With so many choices in the world of parenting, it is a beautiful feeling when you know you've given the best to your children. With each new discovery, the Fire the Imagination collection has been building. Be assured you have found the best that is sure to entertain and inspire your family.

We have grown and we are thrilled you have joined us.

From our family to yours,

Welcome to Fire the Imagination!

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