Savanna - Impala

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Savanna - Impala     

Savanna - Impala     

Savanna - Impala     


Impala is part of a family of wild animals that live in a place called Halfworld. They roam freely in search of new friends.

Halftoys simplify the appearance of living creatures into a 3D shaped puzzle. The Impala is held together by magnets and interlocking parts. Just pull it apart and you will find the skeleton that is made up of bones that can be put together like a puzzle.

This toy was designed to help build your child’s fine motor skills, problem solving abilities, learn about anatomy and stimulate curiosity. It includes a manual and diorama to help your child create stories and adventures for their new playmate.

Dimensions of the box: 6.5 x 6.5 x 2 inches

Cleaning Tips: Clean using mild soap and warm water

Safety rated for ages 3+

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