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Even with everyone in the kingdom coming to lend a hand, it seems that nothing -- not cookies or dancers or even a mustached magician -- will help the Prince sleep. Written in rhyming couplets, and with truly wonderful illustrations, this quirky tale about the challenges of bedtime will bring a broad smile to everyones face!

Ages 3 to 7 years

Written By: Joanne Oppenheim

Illustrated By: Miriam Latimer Narrated By: Jim Broadbent

The King and queen are at their wits end because the little prince will not go to sleep. They invite doctors, dancers, magicians, and anyone else that is willing to try lulling the little lad into dreamland. The doctors syrup put the palaces staff to sleep but did nothing except bore the prince. The dancers managed to tire everyone out but only leave the boy wanting more. Finally, an old woman arrives without fancy tricks or abilities, just a book. The book doesnt even have pictures, but the woman tells the little boy to close his eyes and imagine the pictures. When he does close his eyes, he falls asleep at last. The playful, colorful illustrations use acrylics and collage to bring this rollicking romp to life. Fanciful counting sheep are laced throughout the book and add to the whimsy and playfulness. This is a great read-a-loud and a wonderful argument for books! - Library Media Connection

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